Swimming Tips

For those new to swimming, we thought it would be helpful to offer some tips to help you and your baby get the best from your Joyful Dolphin swim classes:

  • Take your time, prepare well before your class. The sessions are just half an hour but the time before and after are important for your baby. They begin to anticipate and look forward to their swimming. Afterwards its lovely to cuddle up with mum or dad, have a good feed and usually a lovely sleep
  • In the water relax and communicate with your baby. It’s quite understandable if you are unsure about any new practices talk to your teacher, they are highly trained to explain the techniques and work with you individually as well as to teach a structured class
  • Imagine how the water feels to your baby and all the sensations they experience. Play with the movements and rhythms, your baby will let you know which moves and sequences they enjoy
  • Relax your own body and bring yourself low into the water. Baby swimming is a mutual experience and a wonderful way to bond with your baby with skin to skin contact
  • The classes are also a social experience for parents and babies, take time to meet others and encourage your little one’s friendships. This will enhance their learning experience
  • All children learn in different ways at different times, at the Dolphin we have a gentle approach yet also playful and dynamic when appropriate. Trust your instincts and let your teacher guide you so we find the right approach for your child
  • Relax and enjoy the journey with your little one as they learn to love the water, understand safety and progress to independent swimming

For advise re what to bring, changing, feeding etc. please see our practicalities section.

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