Join our swim school at any stage from 6 weeks old to 6 years old.

Our learn to swim programme has a strong focus on safety. Teaching baby through fun routines and repetition.

Our highly qualified teachers work with the individual needs of every child.

Our classes are 30 minutes long, most classes will include:

  • Specific holds to ensure safety and to stimulate movement and fun in the water
  • Preparation or participation in submersion by dips, jumps or dives
  • Swimming with your baby
  • Specific instruction as a group and individual attention when needed
  • Free time to practice your skills and to play
  • Games, songs and rhymes


Classes Cost:

One parent and one child   £120
Two parents and one child   £168
One or two parents and two children   £198

Contact Information

Please complete our contact form

or email directly to

or by mobile phone: 07975 719444