Class Practicalities

Getting Prepared for the Swimming Class

What to Bring

You will need to bring with you:

  • Swim nappies. Please remember that until your baby is reliably potty trained they must wear properly fitting swim nappies. We cannot let you in the pool otherwise. A double layer is needed – this essentially means a disposable swim nappy + specialised swim nappy (such as a Happy Nappy shown in the photo on the right). We sell Happy Nappies at the pool
  • A hat or hood that covers your child’s ears for when they leave the building
  • A hooded towel for when they get out of the pool
  • Your swimming kit
  • A drink and/or snack for after the class for your baby (and probably you too!) – but please remember not to eat in the changing rooms

Safety / Hygiene

Does my baby need to be immunised before coming swimming?

The NHS guidelines state that there is no risk to babies and you may join classes at any time. (information from If you have any questions please consult your GP or health visitor.

What if my baby is ill?

Swimming is unlikely to worsen a mild condition such as a cold, but if your baby is unwell or has an infection please wait until they are fully recovered before returning to the sessions.


With babies it is often difficult to organise activities for exactly the right time of day especially as routines can change week to week. It is fine to feed your young baby before or even during a class. For babies on solids it is preferable to leave some time before coming to class. Many babies enjoy a feed or snack after their swim.

Tired babies will not get the most from their swim so try to give them a nap beforehand or do not hesitate to leave the pool if your baby has had enough.


So that you can enjoy your classes and make your time with us stress free, please arrive 15 minutes before your class is due to begin to give yourself plenty of time to get changed and stay relaxed.

About the pool facility:

  • You must shower yourself and your child before entering the water. The cleaner we keep the pool, the less chemicals are needed in the water
  • Shoes and socks should be removed before entering the swimming pool area and changing rooms.

Contact Information

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